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Nutella-Palooza is a celebration of all things Nutella and chocolate.


Nutella-Palooza is an independent free-entry community event run by a group of passionate Adelaide Nutella fans through their company Event Management & Planning (EMP). The event will feature cooking demonstrations, bakery stalls, chocolate stalls, food trucks and much more.

The history of Nutella-Palooza


The team behind Nutella-Palooza are two friends who share a love of Nutella. Find out more about them and how the idea came together...


David - Event Director (Pretty sure he thinks being the director just means he can direct Tash to do work.)

David is an entrepreneur who is forever coming up with crazy new ideas. His background in the food industry has brought a wealth of knowledge to organising Nutella-Palooza. David's favourite way to eat Nutella is on toast. 


Tash - Event Manager and Personal Assistant to Event Director (Also creator of stupid over-the-top job titles for herself, such as Head of Documentation and E-commerce & Digital Project Supervisor.) 

Tash is OCD-organised and even makes lists about making lists. With a background in administration, she handles the ever-growing mountain of Nutella-Palooza paperwork. Her favourite way to eat Nutella is straight from the jar with a spoon, but in moderation, of course. 


This is the first event both David and Tash have organised. They are learning so much as they go along but, most importantly, they are having fun.


How did Nutella-Palooza come about? 

On a lazy Sunday afternoon in May 2015, David was eating Nutella with friends and thought, "Who else just sits around with their mates eating gooey chocolate hazelnut goodness?" David then messaged Tash and ran the idea of a Nutella celebration event past her. Before he could even ask if she wanted to be involved, she'd already said, "Let's do this!"


Chances are they both regret this conversation now, for totally different reasons: David because he now has to put up with Tash contacting him 24/7 with crazy suggestions (the best ideas happen at 2am), and Tash because she now gets just four hours sleep a night. 


David and Tash's first step was to contact Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, for permission to organise a Nutella event and to name it "Nutella-Palooza." David then applied to Splash Adelaide to run the event through its community activation program. 


With the help of Splash Adelaide,  David and Tash aim to ensure the world's first Nutella-Palooza is fun and exciting for everyone. They are volunteering their time and will not be making a profit from the event. 


So why do it? 'Cos they simply want to share their love of Nutella with other fans and continue spreading the happy. 


They are extremely grateful for all the support they have received, not only from the local community but Australia wide.


Nutella® trademarks and copyright belong to Ferrero S.p.A and are used under authorization of the Ferrero Group. Nutella-Palooza is not an official Ferrero event and Ferrero Group is not a sponsor. The Ferrero Group expressly disclaims responsibility for any loss or damnage that may be caused by or in connection with the promotion and management of the event.



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